Is there pleasure in roaming life as the nomad? What is it like? How is it one can support his travels for so long? How does one can keep moving without security or a career?
One just does, where there is a will to leave behind everything one once knew there is a way to open yourself to all aspects of this existence, challenging every emotion, confronting every fear, accepting every truth and coming to terms with your position in this life time,

For those that have travelled understand where I am coming from when I say it is an addiction, the farther one ventures outwards, the deeper one becomes attached to the idea of un-attachment, the sudden realization that we are one in the billions of different faces amongst a diverse array of culture, and are unique amongst the millions of others trying to find there way along a path that may as well be pre-determined by the media and political tyrants, we don’t ever have to do anything that is expected of us, nor is anything pre determined, I doubt some higher universal presence wrote our life story doing something that we don’t love, it’s a choice, and once you choose to release from the clutches of expectation the world shall reveal itself and guide you along your journey held in the warmest hands.

Life really is how we make it, we must see ourselves doing something we really want to do and make it happen, don’t have a second thought as everything we ever do, we think too much about, it was engrained into most of our heads as children, acting out freely without thinking, to then be told to think about our actions, the larger the step we must take the more thoughts rattle our brain, there’s a real power controlling these thoughts, controlling the breath and calming the mind, this becomes a necessity in the life of the nomad, one must remain content in there situation, be grateful for what they have, one is advised to learn mediation and at least paddle in the pools of origin and philosophy, one must be able to find beauty in the silence of his/her own loneliness, and smile at the times of separation understanding in the laws of attraction and know that nothing is forever, though love can be the exception, and with acceptance and detachment may remain throughout eternity.

The nomad practices his/her detachment from society, from friends and family, from relationships and emotion, the nomad must, as he or she may find themselves on one hell of a roller coaster, with no home to rest and recover, no personal space to process, no bed to drift away into a deep sleep, one becomes prone in straying from the path into a life of separation and confusion, it must be known that one resides within them self, home is anywhere you choose to place yourself with a feeling that originates from the heart.

Life out on the road can be as normal as every other day, reading a book, painting a picture, smoking some weed, though you are increasing your chances ten fold of inducing the ultimate high, living freely off the land, opening your eyes to new surroundings on a daily basis, immersing in a moment that can last forever, though physics has proven that what goes up must come down, and living a carefree life of the expectation that the universe shall always provide, ego may increase, and one could suddenly fall deep into a world of depression, anxieties and violence, confronting fears and past trauma, creating a position to question existence, why am I here, why am I alone in this world, wondering with nowhere to go?, what is my path, my purpose, until you see them smile, you see the smiles of the curious world, the children from the village gather with grace and walk you through there life, people who have everything and are desperate for somebody to love, the people who have nothing giving the last of there food to a stranger, the junkie that shows you what’s underneath the skin, and encountering god, one un-attached to religion, who may reveal to you that there’s a higher meaning, and thus begins the change, what cannot be explained is now a focus on what to explore, head on into the darkness with the awareness that the lights have only just gone out due to surge in the electrics, all we need to do is find the main switch and flip it on again.

What is the life like living out of a backpack? or travelling in a van around the unknown beauties of our earth? standing on the side of the road in all sorts of conditions with a thumb out to be picked up by a Stanger that may or may not change your life? unloading their entire life story up until the moment they made the decision to stop and pick you up. Hopping trains, plains, boats, buses, trucks, official taxis, un-official taxis, tuktuks, rickshaws, motor bikes, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, Ubers, Olas, or just walking fucking miles, where ever the mind is set on going, the wide smiled wanderer will get there one way or another.

Life is fairly normal, out here, alone in the world, the struggles still exist of money, jobs, home, family and friends, sometimes to an extreme length, is it’s a wild world outside of our homes, far out beyond the routine of each day, there is, as you could imagine and incredibly huge diversity of character, everybody, one way or another communicating in a universal language, everybody has something to say, and all of us have a lot more to learn, we speak with language, though say just as much with our bodies, we are able to see somebodies energy, what they are about in the eyes, in the heart, its just a matter of opening our eyes a little wider to our surroundings.

Travelling vast distances free of charge with a thumbs up to the world on the side of the road, hitch hiking around this galaxy with no real plan at all, there can be no attachment to time, nor an expectation of a destination, one must simply go with the flow of traffic, learn patience and embrace the lengthy amounts of time one can stand on the side of a highway as part of your practice. One must prepare themselves to engage in conversation, let go of anxieties and sit hours on end beside a stranger, its all depends on who picks you up, something we wont ever be able to predict, somebody may want to speak the entire ride and unload their entire life story on you? some may not speak your language?, some may not say anything at all? it’s all a gamble, that gamble can sometimes put the passenger into some weird situations, though detaching into the life of the nomad, one must be strong in them self and have a strong sense of judgment, listen to the heart when travelling, we all have a strong sense of who we can trust, just enjoy the ride.

Diving deep into dumpsters pulling out an entire week’s food for a house of twenty people, some may find this a disgusting way to go about feeding yourself, though what is more disgusting is the amount of good food that is thrown out on a daily basis, if something is on its due date it is thrown into the bins. These these major chains knowing very well that the hungry is going through their trash, so they slash the packaging making sure nobody can get to it, locking them up and putting up fences. In there defense its probably so people aren’t eating something and becoming ill, then to sue for there millions, not that a community of simple living is in search of any products that will make them sick, or have any interest in suing anybody, it’s the principal, there’s people starving in this world and food is being thrown out in mass quantities on a daily basis, those who are diving in dumpsters are smart about it, looking into the life of the nomad from the outside one may be confused?, some fella with dreadlocks in the bin, not a care in the world, smiling at you holding some bread in one hand and some cheese in the other dancing and celebrating with his friends, there happy, hell they’ve just struck gold, and we all need to eat right?

The life of the nomad is a beautiful ride, bathing in the purest waters, roasting by the warmest fire, breathing in the freshest air and dancing on our mother earth, its growing in one’s mind, body and self, it’s a test of wit and endurance.
This existence, a universal library, reading the signs, Intune with the senses and surrounds, the people, the culture, the stuff we love and the things we loath, opening ourselves to alternative methods of healing and natural medicine, to the love of every one and everything. The in’s and out’s of one’s mind is a gigantic interactive classroom where we have 100% control of what it is we would like to discover and explore, all in high definition reality! You may touch and play with everything! bare in mind something’s have consequences, though the best way to learn through practical application, keeping a conscious thought and moral judgment when taking action, don’t be afraid to hear, see, smell, taste, touch and soak in the knowledge of this little time we have left before its back to the nothing where we all came.

Loneliness may sometimes creep on in? loneliness is just a state of mind attached to a comfort nestled in the arms of another, loneliness is us and our thoughts in a deep philosophical discussion about life where as coming to a conclusion may take years of under strict guidelines of following some faith towards enlightenment, or we can just be, be present, be aware of what we are needing in our live, what it is that makes us smile? find our purpose and follow the light. It can seem hard at first, the idea of letting go, stepping out on your own, though we are never really alone, it can take minutes on the plane to establish a connection in which you find your self spending the next few months roaming a new land side by side with a new friend, spend some solid moments together until its time to move on.

Moving on is hard, enough time spent on the road may tarnish the emotion in goodbyes, though just being in the world may tarnish a lot of what we know. The consistent confrontation and separation, the toying of the heart will become of normal, one should/must learn to balance the scales and evenly distribute the wait. Nothing is forever, unless one is wanting a lonely life, one shall never be alone, not forever, the separation of an already established connection is only a chapter in the overall growth of our being, with the knowledge gifted from one’s connection one may now move on and grow in perspective, gifting what they know further on through our cycle of conscious revolution.

One must be self aware and present in their presence to then foresee character, one must be void of substance, though this being the words of a nomad, I am not saying no to our vices, there is a time in life we may come to realize that a change is in order, that drinking every night may not be so good for our health, or too much ketamine may damage your liver, that tobacco is killing us all. Drugs more-so the alcohol can be applied as an aid in expanding our overall understanding of a much broader perspective of what we think we already know, though must be respected, one must not abuse and learn self control, moderation in moderation, it’s must be hard to find one worldly being who hasn’t eaten a tab of LSD or danced at a psychedelic rave, burn or gathering, these being quite common stomping grounds for those with the itchiest of feet.

When one desires to live a happy healthy life style, there is most certainly a way.
A misconception some think when somebody is to speak these words of letting go and immersing ourselves into the world is that we can’t just get up and leave everything behind, what about our studies, our career? our family and friends? we can’t be expected to leave everything behind for the unknown! though the unknown is no more unknown as that café we have never stepped foot into down the street, or the movie we haven’t seen. These simple things have the possibility to change our outlook on life, our overall perspective, influencing future decisions and changing the way we think, imagine an entire world and what is on offer in terms of influencing who we are. We like to all think we know ourselves, though as the days go by, outside of the days you move back and forth between the bed and the office, visiting the same places, meeting with the same faces and never really growing out of the bubble we have enclosed ourselves within, we truly know nothing of ourselves, all of our potential to inspire the world is put to waste in a mundane placement.

It can be surprising at first when one realizes the hospitality and the willingness of human kind to help the foreigner or dirty stranger who has just stumbled out of the bush, the world has its shitty people, though once we can let down our guard, we can see that the majority of us are all standing on common ground, we are all thinking with the same brain, we are all affected by the same emotions, we feel empathy, compassion, acceptance and can learn to forgive, we are all able to touch, taste, listen and feel, see with our three eyes in and out of this world and higher self, we are for all only human.

I may never return, I cannot return and to entre back into a life tending behind a bar, having to follow orders and tend to idiots, anything actually that isn’t something we would rather be doing with our time, going back to a previous piece of writing, we should all find what it is we love and focus our energy into that. Work hard on that thing we love and bring it to life.

The nomad learns he/she can make more money then he/she has ever made inside of the matrix simple enjoying the outdoors in the sunshine picking fruit or singing his/her heart out busking in the streets, rather then spending the days stressed for a wage struggling to save, spending it all on rent, bills and parties, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food for the week and BAM! its gone, “one who gives all to the universe shall receive all in return”, and with this knowledge struggles to relate to the idea of life back home. Entering into old friendships and family relations, its possible there could be a lack of conversation, new things in our life that others may find a little hard to understand, having to conform with the conversations over tinder and Netflix, discussing a future none of us can be certain will exist.

Its always exciting to see the people who raised us through those first years of our live, the people that really know the person you are, though might not quite understand the person you’ve become, this is not something people can see, its what people must learn on there own. Coming home can be boring, the initial greeting and the catching up with friends is nice though eventually everything turns back into routine, and the feet start itching again, fading away though out every conversation thinking about what’s next on the map, the nomad is growing every day when exposed to the infinite possibility this life time has on offer, discovering the real freedom out in a world where money isn’t important, where community is everything, and knowledge is in abundance, knowing the size of this planet on the large scale of the land and the small scale of connection, there is a lot out there to learn, everything to question and so much to to be answered, there is more to ones self, a true power in each and everyone, when leaving everything behind, when letting go of all that holds one back from growing to their full potential its only then the doors of perception shall open.

This is short piece on the life of the souls who travel to the stars and back, the brothers and sisters who travel with nothing but there guitar, the hardcore cats hopping freight trains across entire countries, the girl riding her bike across India, the boy who hitched around Europe all the way to Indonesia, there is a book to be written one day by this boy who left home to never return, at least with a mind far from the one he left with, a scattered brain and a tattered mess, the words spat out his mouth will never end.

Matt x

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