Here I am,
I can hear the sound of my brain rattling,
from days trapped in a space with no captain,
just a bunch on monkeys running ramped,
through the days we remain here under capture,
from the way to make a change,
under the reign of tragic habits that we possess from the past into the frame,
picture taken and forever hold that face,
the wind doesn’t change,
its been the same since the days we held worship and respect,
held our hands up to the wet,
damp and drenched,
soaked from toe to head,
until it ends and summer begins,
whistling and whispering sweet nothings in your ears,
it will stay the same,
your face doesn’t change,
only switches from back to forth between the day,
aches from the same place that the smile originated,
deep from within the heart it all initiated,
a flow of energy is circulating,
oxygen is coursing though the veins,
arteries pump the blood through at a casual pace,
calm state must take place to create the change,
its not the wind you should be afraid,
it’s the glaze over the eyes that where all rushing to our gave,
running all to fast to trip and hit the pavement, face it,
nothing really changes,
days in a zombied state,
unable to relate to a situation,
from feeding yourself or browsing on facebook,
you need to be patient,
you need to survey every situation,
all performed without any expectations,
simply aware of where you are and be complacent in the place your situated.

A horse wearing blinders through a life full of surprises,
left right highlights of tribes men, suit and tied up,
tried to integrate though no fair deal in place,
all we want to do is take take take,
and wait for a bus instead of use our feet,
and type instead of speak, he be a hypocrite,
writing his word behind an alias,
the wilderbeast feasts on the fragrance of the cannabis thus tangents much and rambles on,
though it all comes back to one main point,
as I light the joint and carry on,
lazy states and things are still the same.

open wide the iris and thank the air you are alive,
tip your hat to stars for illuminating the night,
guided your dreams into the fire,
burnt the past and cleansed your aurora,
for a new day to start and for you to carry on,
take the good, picking up the shit as you moving forward,
embracing newton’s law,
stride from the path and find your calling, life is short.
And things don’t change,
unless you take the time to create what is is you want to make and display,
a smile across your face,
life’s not straight,
things don’t change but they don’t have to be the same.

Embrace the change.

Matt x


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