A little something River Bigby and myself knocked together over an afternoon in Rishikesh. (AudioInside).



What is it that I wrap, some presents straight from Santa’s sack, an art attack, a conscious crack and some extensive vocab, knows no limits, I don’t joke around, say what what must be said and by no means, does your judgment count, not to me, nor can I be deterred from what’s determined to just be, and from what I can see the futures looking pretty bright, this perspective from a man who lives a simple life, I need nothing but a pen and something to scribble on, write like I’m on Ritalin, hold my head higher, like I’m smoking cones, between the trees is where I’m from, dry hot heat under the outback sun, bush boy on the run.

Leaving it all behind, the idea of conforming to a society that is blind, that hides behind the comfort of what they all consume and buy, and I’ve tried to tell them though they all just think I’m lying, step out of your fucking box and come see things the rite way, live the life the want to live its that or the traffic on the highways, it can sound a little scary but you’ll never know until you try it, ride life’s wave until your old and grey regretting nothing from the golden days.

That’s the way I see it, in this life we all strive to exceed in, anything to succeed in a life style living in a dream, that you need to be rich to really have everything to feel love you must establish yourself in a career, settle with the family two kids a dog and a blank stare, we’re living in the modern era, and where not here much longer, do you really care, to live inside 4 walls never knowing what’s out there, beyond the horizon, past that beautiful sunset, discover a world that’s never had a footstep, discover a picture nobodies ever looked at, a moment just for you, can you just imagine, what there is the gain taking a little bit of action, and the knowledge that is gifted with a little bit of perspective, get up off your ass and stop binging on Netflix.

Matt x

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