As my hairs growing so is my overall understanding,
27 hidden around the world out on a tangent,
21 left home and never looked back,
what i left was no longer part of that present so i spent all that time learning to forget it,
didn’t see the need to be held back in furthering my adventures,
to search into my own interests,
what ever they were at the time,
I was a confused little kid,
heart broken after a couple of months after dating this one chick,
fucked a friend of mine,
this ended a long lasting friend ship with him,
lost my best friend, as they were all hanging out behind the scenes, petty things,
I’ve learnt to act upon things much better then this since then.

Since then Life’s been crazy,
Lauren the little angle who gave me that burnt CD,
hiphop written in bold letter on the front written with a sharpie,
32 tracks converted to fit down onto mp3,
this was the first time the words rhymed through my mind,
it had captured me as I heard these craftsmen speak.
to them I’m unknown,
to me there my pedigree,
a family that has inspired thee to speak this mind in its entirety,
I relate to the way they preach, what they all believe,
the true power that exists
and that is your own self management
because nobody but yourself should realize just how much you matter kid,
until your reflection comments back with some extravagant compliment
on the daily basis you should thank your self for the gift that Gaias giving us.

I’m here now to express myself,
love life after a ride around a blessed world,
flown high from high school up until I write this down,
flown wide since I realized when my real eyes opened,
I was put here to write and relate my stories to all of you,
hold your tight through the times you’re in the rut,
we all go through it, I did,
I died I quit I gave up trying,
I was down, verge of death, had no body in a place nothing,
saw the smallest light coming from somewhere,
kept walking bruised feet talking to myself,
rhyming out my words to the tapping of my heels,
slam dunking the odd poetry guild,
to shy to rap, felt this sticker up at Treufelsberg,
worked hard and never missed a second to write raps down,
an emotional time-lapse a boy once frightened
now baring a smile to the sun
casually strolling towards enlightenment.

Matt x

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