I got carried away in writing a simple 500 word essay about what yoga/meditation is to me, that i thought would be put to more use and hold more importance to the reader then handing it into a teacher i doubt will ever look at it.


Two years ago a friend of mine dragged me along to a 6am morning yoga class, it was here I discovered the love and energy produced when one is doing yoga, sweating profusely in the wrong clothing as I bent and twisted my body, feeling every stretch in all the places that have never been stretched before, and the focus of my breath with my movements, the concentration and deep awareness of my internal body, this was something I thought I should pursue.

It was after class I stayed behind awhile and spoke to the teacher, this beautiful blonde bombshell goes on to compliment my efforts and insists I continue my practice and see where it goes.
it was the very next day I started my relationship with yoga.

The first year I committed myself to 2 hours of yoga a day, though due to inner insecurities I never went back to a class, I started teaching myself from you tube, and seeking advice from friends when I needed to know more, for me in the beginning it was a form of fitness training, something to motivate me out of a low situation, after a while I started to feel the benefits, a whole different workout and general feeling to anything else, I felt clean, clear and energized, I started to develop a real love for the practice.

After those two years I ended up where I am currently sitting in my bed writing this essay in a yoga school just about to finish after 26 days of opening my eyes to a whole new side of the yogic philosophy, and what it is truly about.

Yoga is lost in the western cultures, I fear that a good amount of people in the industry may not actually have a clue what yoga really is or what they’re actually doing, everybody comes out from 200hours with a piece of paper thinking that there qualified, for a start, real yogis have been doing yoga for hundreds of years, having been created by Shiva it is a sacred practice, each pose/asana hosts a meaning, its all about aligning yourself, finding and accepting your center, creating balance in breath and movement, to sum it up, yoga is not a fashion, a fitness, a fad, a phase, yoga is in a cliché sense, life.

Yoga is Prana, the life force, it is activating the flow of Prana, it is an understanding of you, your mind and your body side by side, yoga is an ancient practice that one must accept himself and not practice in bad intention, yoga is healing, yoga is brightening your chakras, unleashing emotions and releasing tension that comes in everyday life, yoga is yoga, yoga is what you make it, with the rite knowledge and understanding of what is is your actually practicing, yoga is that thing that once you accomplish the mental game that it is you cannot help to walk away with a great big smile on your face.

And now.

What is meditation?
Meditation has taken me to many places.

I was young and was given the advice many a time that I should take up mindfulness meditation to become aware and recognize my emotions, acknowledging and accepting them for what they are, simply letting go of the thought and being within the present moment.
I didn’t take their advice.
At least not for a couple of years, I heard what they were saying though I guess from what I know now it just wasn’t my time to dive into such power as of yet.

Years went by, my story unfolded with a lot of free spirit and wisdom, opening myself to all that is before me and with doing so I was lead into a whole new realm of spirt, of understanding, of curiosity, leading me further into the rabbit whole to explore my inner self, to find peace and love and acceptance to then shine back out onto the world that had shined so bright for me, including those shadows that linger are eventually captured by the suns rays, and those that remain, in meditation we are charging our batteries to shine a light onto those dark little corners and bring then to the surface, eventually learning to let go.

In those first years, having slight awareness on the subject merely to control my stress and over thinking mind a started putting them to practice, the awareness of breath (Pranayama), the focus on the tip of the nose, deep inhale into the stomach, and exhale, when a thought floats into your mind, accept it, don’t judge it, thank it, and let it go, and come back to the breath.

For the last 4 years I have focused a lot of attention towards the idea of meditation, manifesting the want to know more, I have been gifted with many opportunities to learn, diving into Buddhist, Hindu and western cultures, tantric, kundalini, vipassana, laughing meditation, dance meditation, staring into another eyes for periods of time, and I can say with confidence that meditation is sacred, it is a tool, a method to heal ones self and find happiness and balance in life, to be present in a moment that you are free from desire and attachment, and simply one with the breath,
one with life.

The power of putting meditation to practice is immense, where your are able to take it is beyond your beliefs, from self awareness to an interaction with the divine spirit, it may take you deep inside or way beyond, there are many different forms that originate from many diverse cultures all with the understanding that there is a higher sense of self and with discipline and training your mind, focusing on the breath, feeling the flow of energy throughout the body, disconnecting the mind from the body constant practice one can just simply be.

There is a lot more to learn diving into both of these practices, this is an early perspective into a discovery and a path I intend to pursue and spread knowledge of, life is precious and we spend far too much time thinking thoughts that can stop us from really finding freedom and acceptance, suppressing our true desires and inducing fear into our being and Its time to let go.

Matt x


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