I feel I need to wright, express my inner being this feeling I call love, I am above, high up in the clouds, in the faint precipitation I feel to shout, out loud rite now and sing, lets love this life and all just be,
Just be,
Be freedom.

Freedom in the winds that whistle the sweetest something’s your ears had ever heard of, let go, of all the baggage on your entities fragile shoulders, hold high the nose on that face that seems so hopeless and I see sadness in the eyes, I see so much love at the very same time, I see a boy, searching for something on the inside, and he tries and tries, though never satisfied with the outcome, hard on himself, on a mountain shouting out loud to the many someone’s he hopes will listen to the sound of, he pleads with his demons, please leave me alone stop inducing the screams within my dreams, I live life to see many pretty things, be a witness to the beauty that this life offers my existence, I’ve seen this, to many times before I’ve denied love though only after I’ve entered the commitment,

Maybe I speak to much truth in what I’ve written, to much of someone, something that I’ve invented, this is meant for, not you, not then not the men or women, not the tyrants and the beggars, this is for no-one but the self interest, a few words to lay out a sentiment, a testament to the heart that beating loud in reverence towards the inhabitants on the planets mass, those who are feeling passionless, take a toke upon the cannabis and digress from the path and join us on this abstract quest though life at its best.

Be free,
Enjoy the conquest,
No effort needed to smile upon request,
Just smile.

We all feel sadness, my understanding of this is to recognize how it use it and scale it to balance, harness the raw power of the darkness within, turn the frown, 180 round and hit the target there’s the marksman within, crafting you path through life’s many layers, fade away through life’s many temptations, here this white boy preaches his love for the many faces,
face this.

Just be,
Be freedom, be light, be happiness,
Feel free through all the crappy bits,
Your free,
Just be,
Just Be.

Matt x

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