I lost a piece of writing, that I thought would stand out and convey another message for the masses and I’m going through a slight frustration of losing something that was obviously not meant to be in the beginning, which got me thinking about impermanence, that nothing can really last forever, that’s it a possibility what I wrote was not meant to be reveled as of yet and instead led me onto another train of thought to contemplate and present my thesis on the idea of letting go, of understanding that the things we are grasping so very tight are of no real importance to us, but merely objects in which we hide behind, and the touchy subject of family and relationships also coming under a comfort of own insecurities, its like when we used to hide behind our mothers leg as new people where introduced into our lives, hiding in our homes, behind our possessions, our friendships and relationships, computers, social media and dating apps, we are cutting our selves of from our conscious rite of connection, we were given a gift of communication and of thought, gifted with the five precious senses, to be able to see and comprehend, to be able to hear and discover the beauty of sound, our tongue to be able to taste the sweetness of life, and our noses to smell the flowers, and touch, sensation, our hands, feet and skin, being able to feel, to determine between hot and cold, to feel the water as you dive into a wave, to learn pain when falling off your bike, to hold somebody’s hand, to feel a kiss, to make love and take a punch, this is what makes us human, this and our ability to feel empathy to feel pain, to be able to love, to recognize life around you and possess the ability to make a change, to live the life that you desire, the life that you deserve as the powerful presence that you are and to close the gap between you and a world of infinite possibility that’s rite out side your front door.

Fear, we all fear something, losing a loved one, ending a relationship, getting fired from your job, loosing money or the one we don’t really like to discuss, our inevitable death. We all fear and its perfectly natural, we in our society have been brain washed to think that you need to own everything and be expected to live a conventional life, to impress our parents, with a solid education, a good job, a nice home, a load of stress and a forced smile, I’m not saying this life doesn’t exist, as I will mention over and over again as time goes on, you must find love and acceptance within your self before its at all possible to provide for anyone.

It is impossible to think that anybody with any doubt inside themselves are able to truly love, to accept, that we are all one, each our own individual climbing up a different step along the same path, meaning it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do eventually sometime during our lives we will find ourselves searching for a higher meaning, it cannot be that we need to play by the rules for our entire lives, it cannot be that we are meant to lock ourselves into a contract of what is to be expected from us, for who?, a bunch of adults who grew up 50 years ago, the times have changed, there’s to much opportunity in this world to not take advantage of it, with the rite amount of confidence that isn’t attached to your ego you should be able to achieve anything you want, be anybody you want to be, you don’t have to run from your problems, just recognize them and accept them for what they are, all you need in this life is your heart, along with the understanding that you are not trapped, that nobodies is telling you what to do, and if they are fuck them! Don’t run from your fears, its all about acceptance and harnessing the power they hold to push yourself out of your comfort zone, for there is no excuse to not enjoy this life, and I guarantee you don’t need a thing but yourself to enjoy it.

We need to let go, know that nothing you own truly makes you, you.

Matt x

4 thoughts on “LetItGo.

  1. Thank you very much, free spirit! that sounds a perfect and great motivational imput to live life with different eyes and a clean and present heart!


  2. Alone in this hotel in Bangkok…i had the time and the mind to read some of these beautiful piece of heart/art ….this is just amazing, how you could express your story and adventure with so much intuition and sensitivity. You made my soul shake, thank you Matt.

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